Did you know that there are applications you can download to your mobile phone which will help you be a better gardener? Although most do not specifically include Australian flora, they are still very useful in identifying garden plants, insects, plant diseases and pests. They also assist with planning and caring for a garden, be it vegetable, herb or flower.

Yates have an app called Yates My Garden App which provides a wealth of advice to help you design, grow and manage your garden. There is also a link which provides access to a horticulturalist to answer your questions. You can join their Garden Club and share ideas and learn from others. For those starting out, this app could be very helpful. Yates My Garden App is available for iPad, iPhone and Android devices for free on Apple iTunes & Google Play.

There is also an app called Gardenate, at minimal cost. This app lists the best choices for planting in real time, and gives advice on maintaining your garden plants. When opening the app for the first time, select the appropriate climate zone, and this becomes the basis for all planning. The user is presented with options for planting, according to the month and climate zone, and tapping on choices will give instructions for planting and growing the selected option. Expected harvest times are included, if vegetable, fruit or herb plants are selected. You can also join the Gardenate Community to share ideas and ask questions.

If your interest is more vegetable gardening, then The Garden Planner is the app for you, and is specific to Australia. This app will guide you from seed to harvest and is also at minimal cost from Apple iTunes & Google Play stores.

Garden Answers, PlantSnapp and Leafsnap are also useful apps for the home gardener, and assist with the identification of plants, diseases and pests, although more for the US market.

For a ready reference to urban trees in Australia, you can’t go past Tree ID Australia, however you will need an iPhone or iPad to download and use it. This app helps the user identify trees found in Australia, and was developed by arborists in Australia – primarily for arborists. Tree maintenance or removal estimates can be more accurately be determined with the use of this app. Feel free to ask your arborist all the questions on your mind regarding your tree and options available to you. More than likely, he has the answer at his fingertips.