Frequently Asked Questions on the 10/50 Rule

Properties that have been assigned as being in the 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area have permission to

  • Clear any trees on your property within 10 metres of a home without seeking council approval (or otherwise); and
  • Clear any underlying vegetation (excluding trees) within 50 metres of a home without seeking council approval.
10 50 Law

10/50 Rule | Image from NSW Rural Fire Service

The NSW Rural Fire Service has an online tool that allows you to check if a property is in the entitlement area. The tool also identifies if your property has any restrictions in place.

No, you do not have to remove trees if you do not want. The 10/50 law permits the removal of trees without any approval to help with bush fire hazard management. Tree removal is permissible but not a requirement.

Yes, provided your land is in the 10/50 vegetation clearing entitlement area. You do not need your neighbour’s permission to removal the vegetation on your land.

Any approved building that has habitable rooms. This means that most sheds and garages are excluded. More information can be found in the 10/50 Code of Practice.

All pruning must be in accordance of AS 4373-2007. This standard ensures the tree remains safe after the pruning. A copy of the Australian Standard can be obtained from

There is no legal requirement for a professional to be engaged to remove the tree. It is your responsibility to ensure that all tree removal and pruning is conducted safely and in accordance with Australian Standards. The Rural Fire Service NSW recommends that a reputable and professional tree service company be used that are registered with a professional organisation such as Tree Contractors Association Australia, the National Arborist Association of Australia, and Arboriculture Australia.

Tree removal can only be done if you are the land owner or have the approval of the land owner. Make sure to get any approval in writing.