Mulch Types

Types of mulch will vary from primarily leaf mulch to chipped wood.  It is best to call and discuss availability with one of our consultants.  Mulch may take the form of mostly leaf and twig material, palm mulch, chipped bark and timber from both native trees and introduced species, or a combination of these.

Lighter and finer mulch is usually kept separate to the more woody variations, however there will be some overlap.  Leaf mulch will still appear green, upon delivery, but of course, this will be short-lived.   Whatever mulch you receive, it will not reflect nursery grade mulch, however it will be free!  What’s more, it can only improve the ecology of your garden.

Delivery of free mulch may incur cost to the recipient, depending on the circumstances.  This cost would only reflect delivery expenses and would, of course, be more expensive if the location of the job is some distance from the mulch recipient.  It would be a good idea to apply for mulch by phone or on the form below, and wait for a load to become available close to your location.

Arbor Mulch

A by-product of tree management work is a bountiful supply of tree and bark waste. When this waste is mulched, it provides environmentally excellent protection for gardens, helping to maintain moisture in the soil and inhibit weed growth. It is highly recommended that customers who have pruned or lopped vegetation, keep the mulch created on site for the benefit of their own garden.

Sometimes, however, there is more mulch that the property owner can use or store. We are happy to deliver loads of this mulch upon request and a small fee to cover transportation. Complete the online request below, or ring Sydney Tree Removals on 0488 222 296 to make an enquiry about mulch availability.




    Delivery Address


    I understand that the mulch will be delivered green and that the quality of mulch varies. The delivery address has truck access. Cost and timing will be advised before delivery.