If you’re having your tree removed, or have done in the past, you may not want an unsightly stump as a reminder of what once was.

Botany Tree Services understand the importance of ensuring no part of the stump remains above the surface of the earth, and we have the tools to completely grind the stump down below ground level.

In cases where a tree is removed to make way for reconstruction or development requiring new foundations, it is often necessary to have the stump completely removed. We have access to powerful stump grinders of varying sizes to efficiently and effectively grind away stumps of all types and sizes.

Tight access? No problem! Our grinders can fit through most gates with a width of 745mm.

Tree stumps can be more than just unsightly. Many airborne fungi colonise dead stumps and can spread to your healthy trees via the roots. Honey fungus is a particularly aggressive example of this which is almost a death sentence for surrounding trees and plants.

Remember that professional arborists are insured to cover all work completed on your property, and our experts are taking into consideration the location of utilities and the dangers of uprooting a stump near paving, pools, concrete slabs and other types of urban development.

Once the stump has been ground away to well below surface level, the hole will be filled with the wood chips created from the grinding. It is not difficult to then cover the area with turf or incorporate it into your existing garden. The end result is always better both visually and for the overall health of the surrounding environment.