Australians love their natural flora, and our cities include large areas of bushland, or National Park. Our streets are often lined with trees and most suburbs in Sydney are lush with foliage. Public areas are host to some of the oldest and largest trees, while the everyday Aussie enjoys the smaller variety around their homes to ensure shade in summer, and to add that natural beauty to the landscape.

In residential areas, there are strict regulations around tree removal, with most species being protected. Various Sydney councils have a list of noxious plants which may be removed without prior consent, but these are few, and enquiries should always be made before the pruning or lopping of any tree is undertaken.

On occasion, it is necessary to remove a tree altogether. Healthy trees can be a huge benefit to land owners and the surrounding environment, and although it may be ill-placed for the convenience of the people developing the landscape, consideration is made by Councils before allowing development which would require the removal of a healthy tree. Should approval be given, it would have the provision of replacing this loss to the environment by planting new trees in a more appropriate location.

Just like us, trees can become sick and sometimes need care to bring them back to good health. Decline in tree health can be due to many factors including drought, pest and disease, construction damage, poisoning and environmental factors such as lightning strike. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean the death of a tree and removal should be considered. This can be determined through the expertise of a qualified arborist. Our arborists are highly skilled and experienced, with recognised qualifications and registered users of the QTRA (Quantified Tree Risk Assessment). Our arborists offer Tree Consultation providing Tree Reports, Tree Risk Assessments, Tree Health Checks and Tree Audits.

Another major reason for the removal of a tree (healthy or otherwise) is that its position puts a home at risk of bushfire damage. There is a 10/50 scheme in NSW which provides for the removal of trees within 10 metres of a home, and clearing underlying vegetation within 50 metres of a home without approval if the home is in a designated bushfire risk zone. Details of this scheme can be found on the NSW Rural Fire Service website. Use the online tool to determine whether your property is eligible under this rule.

Using a qualified arborist for the removal of trees ensures the job is done safely, without damage to people or property. We also carry insurance to cover ourselves and your property, for your peace of mind.