Winter Pruning

Winter is a great time to get out into the garden and tidy everything up. Plants are growing more slowly so it’s finally possible to get on top of everything with the added bonus of not being scorched by the harsh Australian sun. But before you rush out and starting pruning and tidying there are a few important considerations: Cut with purpose. Don’t cut anything for the sake of it. Ensure there is a purpose to your work. Both your back and the plants will thank you. Know your plants. Different plants prefer pruning at different times of the year. A quick Google search will reveal the best time of year for the particular species. Less is more. You [...]

Mulch Deliveries

In order to recycle the unwanted parts of a tree from a pruning or tree-removal job, we grind it up into mulch. Mulch is a fantastic product for your garden which helps to prevent weed growth and retain moisture. We highly recommend that you keep this valuable resource and use it on your garden. Sometimes, however, there is more mulch that the property owner can use or store. In these cases, the general public have an opportunity to take advantage of the most natural weed retardant money can buy, at a much lesser cost than buying bags or trailer loads from garden centres. Arborists often advertise on Facebook and Gumtree when and where loads of mulch will be available, and [...]

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Stump Grinding

If you’re having your tree removed, or have done in the past, you may not want an unsightly stump as a reminder of what once was. Botany Tree Services understand the importance of ensuring no part of the stump remains above the surface of the earth, and we have the tools to completely grind the stump down below ground level. In cases where a tree is removed to make way for reconstruction or development requiring new foundations, it is often necessary to have the stump completely removed. We have access to powerful stump grinders of varying sizes to efficiently and effectively grind away stumps of all types and sizes. Tight access? No problem! Our grinders can fit through most gates [...]

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Tips for Pruning a Tree

Timing and technique is everything. If you wait for the right time, and prune in a way which minimises damage to the tree, not only will you be happy with the result, your tree will thrive. This is, after all, what we want – just like a good haircut - giving your tree renewed health and making it more attractive. Why do trees benefit from a good trim? Deadwood is removed and overcrowding of branches is tended to. This allows for the tree to focus on feeding and growing the branches which are more significant in creating strength and shape to the tree. Trees may become lopsided and misshapen if left unpruned. Often the canopy becomes thick from quite low [...]

Tree Removal

Australians love their natural flora, and our cities include large areas of bushland, or National Park. Our streets are often lined with trees and most suburbs in Sydney are lush with foliage. Public areas are host to some of the oldest and largest trees, while the everyday Aussie enjoys the smaller variety around their homes to ensure shade in summer, and to add that natural beauty to the landscape. In residential areas, there are strict regulations around tree removal, with most species being protected. Various Sydney councils have a list of noxious plants which may be removed without prior consent, but these are few, and enquiries should always be made before the pruning or lopping of any tree is undertaken. [...]

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Palm and Tree Pruning

There are a number of reasons why a tree may need pruning. Pruning is often undertaken to – Maintain clearance from buildings or powerlines Remove dead branches to avoid branch drop and reduce entry points for pests and disease Reduce weight on over extended branches Improve a trees form Repair damage from storms or branch failures Good pruning work can minimise the stress on a tree. Any pruning is doing damage to the tree and it is an arborists job to only take what is needed. Leaves are the trees solar panels, removing leaves is essentially reducing the trees ability to create its own food. Trees are long living organisms and as such, trees need long term maintenance plans. Pruning [...]

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